Tadpoles Learning Centre

(Kowloon West)

Tadpoles Learning Centre 透過以英語為母語的老師引導學生學習課程如牛津劍橋和 Jolly Phonics 培養學生對語文的能力如閱讀寫作拼字和口頭表達能力同時Tadpoles不忘教導學生7個好習慣LEGO Education Afterschool Programs 旨在讓學生認識自然科學機器和技術世界

Tadpoles Learning Centre equips its three hubs with native English speakers who guide students through a series of structured programmes. The curriculum, such as Oxford, Cambridge and Jolly Phonics syllabi, places an emphasis on language skills, honing reading, writing, spelling and verbal abilities, while balancing academic side with The 7 Habits.  LEGO Education Afterschool Programs is designed to introduce young minds to the world of nature, robotics, and technology.  

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