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My Sweet Home

安樂窩於 2012 年成立,旨在以「重視長遠客戶關係,改革創新」的服務宗旨,為僱主、外傭及中介建立長久而互信的良好合作關係。我們致力提供優質服務,緊貼跟進每個申請,讓顧客感受既方便又窩心的服務。安樂窩業務遍佈香港、九龍及新界,是一所極具規模的僱傭中介集團。同時積極革新,精益求精,以超越顧客的期望為目標,達至「 快、準、懇、貼、專」的服務。

Established in 2012, My Sweet Home has strived to build a trusting long-term relationships for employers, helpers and consultants. Sustaining the core values of “Maintaining positive relationships with clients while providing quality innovative services”, we meticulously oversee every application to ensure that every one of our clients’ needs are addressed. Serving clients across the Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and the New Territories, My Sweet Home has established a considerable presence in the territory. Since our inception, our commitment to providing professional services has never failed to exceed expectations.

商舖地點 Shop Location : 203

電話 Tel : 2234 4288

網站 Website : 

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