Chancery English

近 20 年來,先致英語一直為香港學生提供優質的英語教育。我們在支持學生通過整個教育過程有著良好的記錄。從幼稚園的語音和識字一直到DSE考試、雅思考試和申請大學的英語考試,先致一直在為成千上萬的學生提供英語輔導,在他們的整個學習生涯及以後的旅程中提供幫助。

For almost 20 years, Chancery English has been providing high quality English language education to students in Hong Kong. We have a proven record in supporting students throughout their education journey. From phonics and literacy in kindergarten all the way to DSE, IELTS and English for university applications, Chancery has been there supporting thousands of students with their English on their journey through school and beyond.


商舖地點 Shop Location : 206C

電話 Tel : 2285 8700

Opening Time: Mon to Sat 10:30-19:30

Website: http://www.chanceryenglish.com.hk/