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Dramatic English

教劇英語成立於 2003 年,我們的願景是培育兒童和學生成為領導者,學懂與人溝通,發揮創意,關懷他們的鄰舍以及世界。



Founded in 2003, our vision is to Transform children and students to be Leaders, who excel in Communication, Creativity, and Caring for their neighbours and for the world.


Striving to build outstanding brands in education, the DE Group has founded and will continue to establish discrete lines of business to cover a wide spectrum of needs in education. All the lines will expand through both direct investment and franchise.


商舖地點 Shop Location : 206C

電話 Tel : 2388 6500

Contact: Secy Pak

Opening Time: Mon to Sat 09:30-18:30

Sun closed


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