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美甲就是塗指甲油那麼簡單?當然不是。美甲的特色是通過精緻的工藝,改善殘甲、斷甲及指甲凹凸、短等缺陷,如果想效果更炫目、搶眼,可以在指甲面畫上3D 立體花,或在甲面上貼上半寶石飾物等,令您更顯得高貴。跟眾多新娘朋友的分享過,悉知於婚禮當天,前來觀禮的賓客除了留意新娘子的化妝、髮型、服裝、手飾外,更會留意她們的雙手,為了切合她們的需要,我設計了一系列新娘花甲,如:敬茶時塗大紅色、高貴大方的造型、耀眼奪目…… 

If you are seeking a salon that will provide you with the royal treatment and professional nail service... look no further! Visit us at Gel Nail Salon, where we provide you with top notch service at affordable prices. With over 20 yrs. of experience in the nail care industry, we understand the needs of each individual and we strive our best to make your experience pleasurable & comfortable.

Our nail technicians are here to help you relax and unwind your mind and your body, to balance your day. Our service is friendly and our equipment is always clean, sterilized and sanitized for your safety. We provide personal nail kits for each individual client and by doing such, we prevent the possibility of bacteria transfer at all times.

We have also equipped our salon with numerous air purifiers to help circulate clean air and reduce impurities. All of these practices are just a few of the key highlights that make us different from the other salons.

Come visit us and see for yourself. We guarantee you’ll feel refreshed and rejuvenated after your personal treatment.

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