E.L.S.A. English 全人英語課程

Elsa / English Learning with Songs and Activities

課程特色 : 集合聽、 講、 讀等訓練基礎技巧,為幼童英語能力打好根基。透過遊戲教具,故事閱讀、拼音以及唱歌等增強聆聽和會話能力,認識更廣泛詞彙及句子結構,大大提升學習英語之興趣和信心。

An all-rounded english program that focuses on public speaking skills, such as proper manner, organizations and showmanship.

We encourage students to speak with confidence through interactive oral activities, stage performance and various speaking contest. Students practice their articulation, facial expression, body language, gesture and vocal control through our phonics activities and well-designed thematic workshops which includes storytelling, poems and rhymes, tongue twisters challenge, etc.

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