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Matheory 為幼稚園至小學學生提供度身訂造的數學課程,我們致力改善學生對學習數學的信心,鞏固數學基礎和知識,提高他們的思維層次及培養獨立的解難能力。我們在學習過程中幫助孩子建立自信,敢於面對和挑戰各種難題。我們的教育團隊在數學教育方面富有經驗,以熱誠的態度教導孩子,透過我們專業的個人學習系統,可以讓學生以正面和主動的學習態度來解決數學問題,配合各種多用途教具,令學習數學變得有趣味和有效率。

Matheory provides the tailor-made and updated mathematics curriculum for students from kindergarten to secondary school. We aim to improve students' self-confidence in learning mathematics, consolidate fundamental knowledge, enhance logical thinking skill, and inspire independent problem-solving skill. We build up confidence through learning process and help children to take challenges when they encounter difficulties.  All our teachers are experienced in Mathematics education and enthusiastic in teaching children. The personalized learning system allows students to approach and solve their own problems with a positive and active attitude. Through operating purposeful tools, learning mathematics becomes fun, meaningful, and effective.


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